Her Sister’s Husband Got Her A Brazilian Butt Lift As A Christmas Gift, And She’s Convinced Her Sister Was Really Upset By This

Another thing she has noticed is that her sister went from being very outgoing and having a lot of friends who she would spend time with to having only 1 or maybe 2 friends.

“She has also recently-ish gotten her lips done and veneers put in,” she said. “She looks COMPLETELY different to her natural self and, in my opinion, is now very ‘basic’ looking in comparison to the unique beauty she had before.”

Her other family members are not thrilled about the changes in her sister, but they adore her sister’s husband since he always comes across as kind and charming.

He buys expensive meals and gifts for her family, which she believes is manipulative on his part, and all of these things only further help her family to think highly of him.

Yesterday, she and her sister went to their mom and dad’s house for Christmas, and her sister’s husband was there when they were opening up their gifts.

“He got my sister some lovely things (which she could very well have asked for): Rolex watch, cashmere scarf, perfume, etc. But then he handed her her final ‘gift,’ which was in an envelope,” she continued.

“When she opened it, he explained that it was a printed confirmation of a consultation appointment he had scheduled on her behalf with one of the best BBL surgeons in the country.”

“She looked shocked but then thanked him. By the look on her face, I thought she was going to cry.”

Her sister got up and rushed to the bathroom, but when her sister returned, she was absolutely certain that her sister was crying in the bathroom.

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