Her Stepmom Tried To Kick Her Out Of Her Father’s House For Letting A Dog On The Bed, So She Finally Spilled The Beans That She Technically Owns Their House, And Now Her Dad Is Furious

Well, that was until just two days before she was set to leave town when Maria waltzed into her room and noticed that her dad’s dog was sitting on her bed.

Now, her father had had this dog since way before he ever met Maria. And she actually helped her dad raise the dog together.

So, even though Maria doesn’t allow the pet on her dad’s bed, she has always allowed the pup to sleep on hers.

Despite that, though, Maria ended up flipping out and claiming that her allowing the dog on her bed was “the final straw.”

Then, Maria claimed to have had enough of her disrespect and even told her that she had to leave the house.

However, she really did not want to deal with a ton of drama and attempted to de-escalate the situation.

She told Maria that they both should just relax and wait for her dad to get home. That way, they could all sit down and talk through the issue.

Maria did not care to wait for any civil discussion, though, and just kept trying to push her out of the house. And when she refused, Maria claimed to have the authority to make her.

So, she ended up spending several minutes trying to explain to Maria how absurd it was to try and kick her out of her dad’s house without at least speaking to her dad first. Maria did not care about any of that, though, and kept claiming that since they were married, it was technically Maria’s house too.

And at that point, she ended up just chuckling out of frustration and coming clean.

“I said that since my name is on the deed, it’s technically my house. But, there’s no need to get technical, and we should just wait for my dad,” she recalled.

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