Her Wedding Day Ended Up Being On Her Father’s Fiancée’s Birthday, And Her Dad Would Not Stop Apologizing To His Fiancée About It During The Event, So She Actually Told Her Dad To Zip It Or Leave

Ivan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s father has been with a woman named Marissa for about two years now. And just recently, her father and Marissa even got engaged.

Now, she does not really have a great relationship with her future stepmom because, honestly, she just does not think Marissa is a very pleasant person to be around.

So, this lack of knowledge about each other ultimately led her to unknowingly plan her wedding on Marissa’s birthday. Yikes.

She claims that she genuinely had no idea it was her father’s fiancée’s birthday when she picked the date. And quite frankly, she does not know why she would be expected to know that.

Nonetheless, after her dad found out about her wedding date, she could tell that he was visibly stressed out.

Then, he revealed how Marissa apparently had “a lot of trauma,” so he actually felt guilty spending his fiancée’s birthday at his daughter’s wedding. Jeez.

Still, though, she decided not to get involved and just figured that her father and Marissa would work out other birthday celebration plans or something.

Well, come the day of the wedding– which was last weekend– everything went downhill.

First of all, she is not sure whether Marissa was really upset or not because her soon-to-be stepmom was reportedly very stoic. Despite that, her father would not stop apologizing to his fiancée.

Ivan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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