Her Wedding Is In Just A Few Weeks, And She’s Banning Her Family From Attending Because Her Sister’s Boyfriend Just Proposed At Her Bridal Shower

Gorodetskaya - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 23-year-old girl has a sister named Clara, who is a year younger than she is, and all of her life, she believed her mom and dad liked Clara more than her.

Growing up, if she and Clara had a game or concert at the exact same time, her parents would go to Clara’s and not hers.

Her parents would then tell her that because she got to have them all to herself for an entire year before Clara came into the picture, that’s why they owed it to Clara to pick her events to attend first.

This caused her to get really close to the families of her childhood friends because those people at least came to her events and games.

Fast forward to a year ago; she got engaged to Conner, and he’s really a great guy. Their wedding is happening in just a few short weeks, and a couple of evenings ago, they had their bridal shower.

She asked Clara and her parents to come to her wedding, and they all said yes. She felt elated to know that they finally were going to be attending something for her and not Clara.

She again felt thrilled when they all agreed to come to her bridal shower, as it made her feel important and like maybe they could bond the way she had wanted all along.

On the day of her bridal shower, everything was wonderful. But then, Clara’s boyfriend Charles got down on one knee and proposed to Clara in front of everyone.

“I smiled because I didn’t want to ruin the event, but internally I was disappointed,” she explained. “I know it’s silly of me because I’ve still got my wedding, but I was hoping that our bridal shower would be for just Conner and me.”

Gorodetskaya – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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