Her Young Children Were Upset About Their Stepsiblings’ Perspective Of Her Husband’s Previous Divorce, So She Had Her Kids Put Themselves Into Her Stepchildren’s Shoes, And Her In-Laws Thought That Was A Totally Inappropriate Way To Handle The Situation

And being just five and seven years old, this seriously upset her children– who ended up taking the comments a lot more personally than they were meant.

In fact, later that night, her two kids actually asked why their stepsiblings did not love their family and why they did not want them.

Of course, hearing that from her two children broke her heart, and she ended up asking where they ever got that from.

Then, after her daughter revealed that they had overheard the conversation– and drawn the conclusion that their stepsiblings’ words meant they were not loved or wanted– she decided to have a real and honest conversation with her seven and five-year-old.

“I told them that’s not true, and I asked them to put themselves into their siblings’ shoes,” she said before trying to explain divorce in an age-appropriate way.

“[I asked] what if daddy and I were no longer together– how would they feel, and they answered ‘sad.’ I asked if they would be happy we divorced if daddy remarried and they had siblings from him and a stepmom and they said no.”

So, she then tried to explain that that is exactly how their older stepsiblings feel. At first, her kids did try to claim it was a bit different because it was their family.

But she reiterated that the situation might feel that way to them. However, for their older stepsiblings, it is not the same.

Afterward, her two young kiddos also tried to better understand the situation by drawing a comparison to their grandparents– who are her parents– and asking if she had felt the same way about their divorce.

She was very honest, too, and claimed that when her parents got divorced, she was also sad.

“I said I didn’t want them to be miserable together but that a part of me would always wish my parents had been a better couple together,” she admitted.

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