He’s Saying No To Hosting His Cousin’s Second Wedding On The Property He Inherited From His Grandfather Because She Cheated On Her First Husband With The Guy She’s About To Marry, And His Grandfather Would Not Have Approved

EJ Stock - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Before this twenty-seven-year-old man was born, his grandfather was a farmer and built a beautiful estate. His mother was still in high school at that time, and the property became the “family house.”

Attached to the home, his grandfather also built a massive garage. That space has since been used by many of his cousins as a reception hall for their weddings.

After his grandmother passed away when he was very young, though, he and his grandfather became very close. They would hang out often and work on the property together.

“I am the only grandson he had. All my cousins on my moms’ side are girls,” he noted.

But sadly, in 2018, his grandfather passed away. And at that point, he actually inherited the entire property.

Now, if you could not have guessed it, his inheriting the home caused a ton of drama in his family. According to him, though, he knows exactly why his grandfather chose to leave the property to him instead of his aunts.

Apparently, his grandfather was a very old-fashioned man who had uber-traditional beliefs. In other words, his grandfather hated divorce, and these beliefs reportedly clashed with his grandfather’s daughters– his aunts.

“My grandfather wanted to hand his farm down to a son. He didn’t have any, and none of my aunts married the type of dudes he liked. So, I became the de facto option,” he explained.

“My grandpa especially disliked how my aunts were in their relationships because he preached commitment. That man loved and was loyal to my grandma.”

EJ Stock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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