His Brother Would Not Accept That His Wedding Is Child-Free, So As The Last Resort, He Created Hilarious Flash Cards And Held Them Up To His Brother And Sister-In-Law

cherry_d - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This man is currently engaged, and during the wedding planning process, he and his fiancée decided that the event was going to be child-free.

To be clear, they do not have any negative feelings about children. Instead, they just want to keep their special day more organized and less chaotic.

However, his brother Chris and his sister-in-law currently have a three-year-old son who everyone calls a “miracle” or “rainbow” baby.

Apparently, his nephew was born after numerous failed pregnancies that spanned many years.

And once his brother and sister-in-law found out that his nephew was also included in the child-free rule, they could not believe it. In fact, Chris relentlessly tried to get him and his fiancée to make an exception to the rule.

“Chris told me his son is a miracle baby, and his presence at the wedding will bring ‘blessings’ for me and my fiancée,” he recalled.

To be honest, though, he did not care to hear about any of that and told his brother no. Still, for whatever reason, his sister-in-law did not get the hint and began actually sending him photos from when his nephew was only a few months old.

Why his sister-in-law thought that would help the situation, he has no clue. Regardless, he refused again and also told his brother and sister-in-law to stop asking.

Well, to his surprise, his brother actually claimed that his refusal was going to cause a rift in their relationship.

cherry_d – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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