His Ex-Wife Got To Live In His Home Rent-Free For 15 Years Until Their Daughter Turned Eighteen, But Now His Ex Does Not Want To Move Out, And He Is Threatening To Sue Before Christmas

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About fifteen years ago, this man and his ex-wife got divorced. During the early years of their marriage, though, he inherited a home and placed his ex’s name on the deed. Then, they went on to have a daughter before they ultimately split up.

Now, during the divorce, he and his ex did get shared custody of their daughter. As for the house, however, his ex really wanted to take it. He claims to have fought very hard against that, though.

“It’s been my family home for three generations before I inherited it,” he reasoned.

So, in the end, he and his ex ultimately came to a compromise that was signed off on by a judge. Essentially, his ex got to live in the home rent-free until their daughter turned eighteen-years-old. Then, following their daughter legally becoming an adult, he would get the house back.

Additionally, during the years that his ex lived in the home rent-free, he was also responsible for paying all of the utilities, maintenance, and property taxes.

The only thing his ex had to agree to was not making any modifications or upgrades to the home without his written permission.

Plus, if she got any work done with his permission, his ex would be solely responsible for finding an insured and legally-licensed professional, as well as paying for the cost of the upgrades.

Anyway, his daughter recently turned eighteen. And in the months leading up to the birthday, he began sending his ex move-out notices.

Then, the following day after his daughter celebrated becoming an adult, he showed up at his home with a contractor to look at the property– because, apparently, he was hoping to have some work done before he moved in.

saulich84 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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