His Ex-Wife Wants Him To Pay Child Support So She Can Save For Her Other Four Children’s Futures, But He Is Totally Refusing

“The money I have now saved for them will help them tremendously in their futures,” he said, “whether they go to college or not.”

Now, his ex-wife ended up traveling a very different path following their divorce. Apparently, she got remarried several years ago and has four additional children in her household now.

One of his ex-wife’s kids is a stepdaughter, who is sixteen. She also has two children with her new husband, who are five and seven.

And finally, his ex is also raising one of her husband’s nephews, who is fourteen.

So, as you can imagine, his ex-wife does not exactly have a ton of money to spare. And this became a point of contention recently after she found out just how much cash he had put away for his children’s futures.

It all began recently when his ex-wife wanted to talk to him about their kids’ college plans.

“She told me that she and her husband had told all their kids that community college would be the most affordable option for them and that they would get as much help as possible. But, a more expensive school would be tough on them,” he recalled.

Obviously, though, he had a good amount of money put away for his two children. So, he informed his ex-wife that their kids would have the option to attend a more expensive school if they wanted since he had already saved a “more than healthy amount” for their education.

His ex-wife was more shocked by that than anything, though, and asked why he had never told her about his saving plan sooner.

But according to him, he was simply taking care of his children, and that was not something he believed his ex needed to know about.

Anyway, a few days after revealing the savings accounts’ existence to his ex-wife, the conversation kind of came back to bite him in the butt.

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