His Fiancée Just Gave Him An Ultimatum: He Can Tell His 5-Year-Old Son That There’s No Such Thing As Santa, Or He Can Dump Her, And She’s Going To Tell His Son Anyway

“She thinks this will be a win against my ex-wife as it will ruin her lies about who’s getting him presents,” he explained.

“I told her I wasn’t ok with that since he is so young and should enjoy Christmas before being confronted with the truth that there is no magic in the world. This caused another blowout argument that basically ended in an ultimatum (I’m paraphrasing) “I am going to tell him anyway, so either get on board or break up with me and kick me out.”

“She refuses to change her mind with an argument that is basically, “my dad told me at 6, and I respect him for it.” I am a little more of a distant parent as that’s just my personality, but I feel like even if I am more distant, my wishes for my son should be respected, and ruining a child’s Christmas to get back at someone just isn’t right. I just can’t stand such an ultimatum of doing it my way or getting rid of me, this is making me choose between what I think is best for my son and my future wife.”

Aside from this, he says his fiancée is a perfect stepmom to his son and always makes an effort to engage with him.

She’s really not a bad person, he promises, but he can see how she’s suffering with the stress of the things his ex-wife is doing to them via his son.

“She has been wonderful for my son and is often going out of her way to show him that she cares about him: she makes him fresh cookies, packs him lunch every day he goes to school, helps put him to bed, is helping to teach him to read,” he said. “Overall, she is a great mother.”

“How do I handle this ultimatum?”

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