His Girlfriend Constantly Makes Comments About Him Being Too Thin And Scrawny, So He Decided To Give His Girlfriend A Taste Of Her Own Medicine By Calling Her Fat

LUGOSTOCK - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man and his girlfriend have been dating for three years and living together for about two years now. And for the most part, they have very similar eating habits.

For instance, they eat pretty much the same meals at home and in equal amounts. If anything, he actually admitted to eating a bit more than his girlfriend does.

“I have always been a scrawny dude, and I suspect it is from a fast metabolism or something else related,” he revealed.

Over the past year or so, though, he noticed that his girlfriend had begun to make rude comments in passing about his appearance.

More specifically, she apparently calls him “twiggy,” “too thin,” claims that he looks “anorexic,” and tells him that he needs to eat more.

Now, he has honestly always wanted to achieve a more muscular build. But, he has never been able to accomplish that goal, which means that his girlfriend’s comments actually really hurt his feelings.

And according to him, he has asked her to stop on numerous different occasions. Each time, though, his girlfriend apparently said that she was just joking.

Or, she claimed to be genuinely concerned about his weight and health.

Well, just a couple of days ago, his girlfriend decided to make some more digs at him. Out of nowhere, she reportedly said that he needed to “get some meat on his bones.”

LUGOSTOCK – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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