His Girlfriend Constantly Makes Comments About Him Being Too Thin And Scrawny, So He Decided To Give His Girlfriend A Taste Of Her Own Medicine By Calling Her Fat

And quite frankly, he had enough of it and decided to snap back at his girlfriend.

“Maybe you should get some meat off of your bones, and I will consider it,” he responded. Yikes.

Immediately, his girlfriend burst into tears and ran out of the room. Then, after he tried to follow her, she was apparently hysterically crying and screaming at him.

At that point, he attempted to backtrack and explain how he made her feel the exact same way she always makes him feel.

But his girlfriend was not hearing him and tried to claim that it was different because “being skinny is the beauty standard.”

That only made him more upset, though, and he pointed out how the beauty standard for women might be to be skinny. However, men are often looked up to for being big and strong.

Afterward, he also told his girlfriend that he honestly loves the way she looks and does not want her ever change for anything.

“I just wanted her to finally see the way she was making me feel, but she doesn’t hear it,” he vented.

So, he feels pretty terrible for basically calling his girlfriend fat now, and he doesn’t even think that the effort helped make her see how much her words affect him.

“I just tore down some confidence,” he admitted.

In turn, he has now been left wondering if trying to give his girlfriend a taste of her own medicine by calling her fat makes him a real jerk or not.

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