His Girlfriend Didn’t React Well To Him Asking If She Could Make Sure To Put Their Dog’s Collar On Every Morning Since She Takes It Off Every Night, And Now He’s Not Sure If That Was A Crazy Ask

Unfortunately, his girlfriend got exasperated and stated that their discussion was heading south, so she would not be agreeing to that or anything really.

“At this point, I’m absolutely fuming, I say I’m really disappointed and take the dog out for a walk,” he said.

“When I come back, I ask if we could chat about earlier, and she says no, and that I should have to deal with my emotions around it.”

“…I’m not crazy, right?” he wondered. “I feel like my girlfriend puts the idea of the dog’s comfort at night above my need to be able to save time in the morning and not have to search for the collar. Now I feel super frustrated, but I can’t talk to her about it and resolve it because she does not want to talk.”

Do you think it’s unreasonable of him to want his girlfriend to try to put their dog’s collar on every morning since she takes it off every night?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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