His Stepmom Feels Like She Is Entitled To A Mother-Daughter Dance At His Wedding, But He Refused And Claimed That She Should Have Tried Harder To Build A Relationship With Him

Apparently, his half-brother was born with a long-term medical condition– which ultimately resulted in his half-brother later being diagnosed with cancer that was tied to the medical condition.

In turn, Anne was forced to spend a lot of time out of state while she got her son treatment at a big children’s hospital that specialized in cancer treatment.

“But mine and my siblings’ life carried on as normal for the most part. When we were with mom, life was totally normal,” he recalled.

Unfortunately, though, his half-brother ultimately passed away– and the timing could not have been worse.

Apparently, when he and his siblings were seventeen, fifteen, and fourteen years old, they all went on vacation with his mother.

And Anne reportedly wanted the entire family to stay back and spend time with her son during his final days– something his half-brother actually asked for. According to him, though, he and his siblings just did not want to.

“Mom had already booked the vacation, and we still wanted to go. We were not close to Anne’s son, and we didn’t have a familial bond with him,” he explained.

Despite that, Anne never got over the fact that they did not show up for her son’s final days. His stepmom was also especially bitter because he and his siblings never really wanted to get any closer to her.

For instance, following high school, they all opted to spend most of their time at their mom’s house as opposed to their dad’s house.

And due to that, Anne became super resentful since they were not “rallying around her” and “letting her still feel like a parent.”

Many years have passed since then, though, and he is now a grown adult. Moreover, he is actually engaged and set to get married soon.

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