His Wife Feels That He Completely Upstaged Her Christmas Cookie Baking Tradition, Because He Tried To Come Up With A More Efficient Way Of Doing Things

“After a couple of hours, most kinks are worked out, and cookies are flowing out at a breakneck pace. Eventually, we start running out of material! Something that never happened under my wife’s Aegis. We start making runs to the store for the necessary raw materials to fuel our mighty cookie forges!”

“By the time we were exhausted around 2 a.m., we had produced at least 5 times the amount of cookies we ever had before. Well, my wife gets home a couple days later and is weirdly upset. She insists the cookies taste weird, that we spent too much money, and that I was actively trying to make her look bad by making so much more than her.”

To be honest, he did ask everyone if they could tell the difference between the recipe his wife always uses for Christmas cookies and his recipe, and not a single soul could tell the difference.

He did spend about 40% more this year on ingredients, but that was because he purchased a lot of things in bulk.

He really was not trying to upstage his wife or make her feel bad; he only wanted to “maximize” the Christmas cookie output.

“She says that even if I didn’t do it on purpose that I should have thought about how it made her look …and that I have embarrassed her,” he continued.

His wife also called him something along the lines of a jerk, which she has never done in the 3 whole years that they have been married.

He’s left wondering if it really was mean of him to only want to help bake Christmas cookies in a better way.

What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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