His Wife Recently Got A New Job After Being Referred By One Of Her Friends, But Now He Believes His Wife Is Also Entitled To Get Half Of Her Friend’s Referral Bonus From The Company

On top of that, his wife’s new monthly salary difference between this new position and her former job is actually higher than what half of the bonus would be.

In turn, his wife does not feel like she is missing out on anything and has just refused to ask for any of the bonus money. But he simply cannot fathom that.

Instead, he believes that his wife got the job because her new employers thought she did a great job during the interview and had all of the right skills for the position– not because of Hannah’s referral. In fact, he even believes that his wife helped Hannah out by taking the job.

“She did a favor by allowing Hannah to refer her instead of applying on her own,” he claimed.

“And without my wife, Hannah would not get any money.”

Anyway, this argument has since been bringing his wife a ton of stress– because just last night, he and his wife actually had plans to go over to Hannah’s house to hang out with her and her husband.

Plus, during that get-together, he revealed that he was actually planning to ask for half of the bonus money on his wife’s behalf– even though she told him not to.

So, his wife has since been really upset with him– calling him a total jerk for even considering doing that.

On top of her anger, though, his wife has also appeared really worried about what he might say at the hangout.

After all, it could potentially impact her friendship and her new job and even cause more issues in their relationship.

Now, his wife’s stress has pushed him to kind of re-think his plan. And since then, he has been left wondering if believing that his wife is entitled to half of the referral bonus makes him a real jerk or not.

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