Ice Drawer Restock Videos Are The Coolest Thing On TikTok Right Now, And Aside From Being Plain Satisfying, The Ice Recipes Can Also Liven Up Your Coffee And Cocktails

As for all of your fruit-infused beverage needs, you can simply make fruit-infused ice to cut out the middleman and save yourself time during a stressful morning.

Pick out a mold you like– maybe a heart or star– and plop some frozen berries in with water prior to freezing. Then, come the morning, you can throw the ice in your glass and fill the rest with water. How easy!

Finally, if you are a lover of mixed drinks, then having a luxurious-looking ice cube can spice up your alone time or totally wow your guests at a gathering.

For screwdrivers, you can freeze orange juice using a mold that creates orange slice shapes. Or, for a vodka cranberry, you can freeze cranberry juice in– you guessed it– the shape of tiny cranberry ice spheres.

The possibilities are totally endless, and Kami even shows her followers how to create Disney-themed ice for people with character-obsessed kiddos, as well as her gorgeous glitter-dusted rosebud ice.

On top of all that, the ice-restocking videos are just plain fascinating for anyone with a love of meticulous organization.

Obviously, ice needs to be frozen, so the TikTokers who are getting creative with their ice need to find a smart way to store the cubes in their freezer. And most people ended up just dedicating entire freezer drawers to the hobby.

Then, they purchased clear storage drawer separators– which can be found at most superstores or online– to provide a bin-like storage method.

So, after thinking up new ice recipes and freezing them in cool molds, creators like Kami scoop their creations into the bins and let the ice clatter against the plastic containers.

This simple task has proved so satisfying for users to watch– providing both a tingly ASMR sound and a sense of serious freezer organization. I mean, wouldn’t we all like it if our fridge was that organized? The TikTok community thinks so.


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