If You’re Trying To Find Someone To Date Before The Holidays, Here’s How You Can Do It, According To Every Romantic Comedy

That is a-okay, though, because this memory loss is what will ultimately push you to cross paths with a young widower. How perfectly coincidental?

Even more, this widower will feel pity for your now-confused existence and decide to lend a hand to take care of you. And in the process of rediscovering yourself, you will also fall hopelessly in love just before December 25. Sounds easy enough, right?

“Christmas Under Wraps”

In order to make this 2014 film’s plotline your romantic reality, you will first need to be a career-driven woman. “Christmas Under Wraps” features an aspiring surgeon, but you could also be interested in dermatology or podiatry, too, I guess.

Next, apply for a prestigious fellowship in a bustling city like Boston and be devastated after it falls through. What a bummer.

But, not to fear– because an extremely remote town in Alaska is here! After you scour the classifieds and LinkedIn job postings for a position in literally any other centrally-located city, you are– for whatever reason– forced to take a general practitioner position in Alaska.

And while there, trying to grapple with the snow and mysterious amounts of moose, you will have a meet-cute with a gruffly handsome and surprisingly charismatic handyman.

Then, as your big-city girl dreams blend with his small-town charm, you should fall hopelessly in love with quaint living after all– ultimately leaving behind the entire life you built at home to kick it with the reindeer.

“A Christmas Waltz”

Okay, so the first step in recreating this one might be a little tough– but you could always just lie about your backstory. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

Primarily, you need to already have a devastatingly handsome beau to whom you are engaged. Plus, you have to plan the ultimate fairytale winter wonderland Christmas wedding– and be just weeks away from tying the knot.

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