In 1988, This Canadian Teen Ran Away And Flagged A Ride With A Stranger Following A Confrontation With Her Parents: She Was Never Seen Again, And Her Stepfather Believes She Was The Victim Of A Now-Convicted Serial Killer

In 1988, Amber Potts-Jaffary of Etobicoke, Canada, was just sixteen-years-old. And on November 25 of that year, she made a decision that many teens sometimes do: Amber opted to stay out all night to party with a group of friends.

The evening went smoothly, and she stayed safely in a motel room that evening. Then, the following morning of November 26, Amber’s mother, Christine Jaffary, and her stepfather, Don Pressey, got tipped off about her whereabouts by one of their daughter’s friends.

So, Don and Christine traveled to the motel where Amber had stayed– located in south Etobicoke– intending to have a difficult discussion with their daughter.

According to Don, as soon as the motel owner heard what had happened, the owner let both him and his wife go into Amber’s room.

And immediately after walking in, his daughter looked very embarrassed to have gotten caught.

“She reluctantly sat on one bed while her mother was on the other bed, just inches apart,” Don recalled in an interview with

“And [Christine] rationally and calmly read Amber the riot act for thirty minutes. In the end, she said, ‘We want you with us, so if you want to come home, you’re welcome to come home. But this, what you’ve done [spending the night partying], is unacceptable.”

Amber ultimately agreed to go back home with her parents, where they lived on Rabbit Lane. This was music to their ears, and Don hoped that Amber and Christine would continue reconciling the situation over lunch.

Toronto Police Service; pictured above is Amber

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