In 2004, This Recently Married Florida Teen Mysteriously Disappeared: Authorities Have Since Treated Her Case As A Homicide Investigation Due To The “Suspicious Circumstances”

In 2004, Elizabeth “Beth” Prescott of Callaway, Florida, was just 19 years old and starting out her adult life.

She was known by friends and family as an outgoing and happy woman who had no problem making friends.

In fact, Elizabeth was not afraid to even strike up conversations with strangers– something her father sometimes thought was naive.

Nonetheless, the teen had just passed two significant milestones in 2004. She graduated from Rutherford High School and had recently gotten married to her husband, Coy– living with him in Callaway.

By April of that year, though, Elizabeth’s young and blossoming life was seemingly put on hold after she mysteriously disappeared.

On the morning of April 30, 2004, Coy was the last person to see the 19-year-old before he headed out for work.

Prior to leaving, though, he and Elizabeth reportedly planned to chat on the phone at 2:30 p.m.

Well, 2:30 p.m. came, and Coy attempted to call his wife to let her know that he was done with work. Moreover, he would arrive back at their home approximately one hour later. But Elizabeth never answered the phone.

Then, by the time Coy got to their Callaway property, he found their home virtually untouched. However, Elizabeth was not in it.

Florida Department Of Law Enforcement – pictured above is Elizabeth

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