In 2018, She Vanished After Getting Into A Single-Car Crash Caused By Foggy Conditions: Now, 4 Years Later, Her Case Has Remained Cold, And Her Loved Ones Are Outraged

GoFundMe - pictured above is Brittanny

In 2018, Brittanny Nicole Shank of Sturgis, Michigan, was navigating a challenging and turbulent period of her life.

At just 23 years old, she was already a mother to four children– all of whom she no longer had direct custody of.

However, it was reportedly Britanny herself who decided to sign over her parental rights to work on her sobriety.

At the same time, she was searching for a second job and attempting to remove people from her life who were not helpful in her efforts to get and remain clean.

All the while, Britanny was reportedly working on remaining an active part of her children’s lives.

Still, the road to sobriety and a more stable life was not without its bumps. The young mom had already been married a few times, which sparked tension among the people closest to her.

Britanny also suffered some past behavioral troubles, which made it hard for her friends and family to believe her at times.

This was best exemplified by a Facebook post made by Britanny following her first marriage, in which she posted a photo of her official marriage license on the platform to prove that she had really tied the knot.

And because of this disconnect, many people in Britanny’s inner circle found it challenging to keep up with her on social media.

GoFundMe – pictured above is Brittanny

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