Last Night, Her Best Friend Ended Up Sleeping With The Guy That She’s Been Casually Hooking Up With For More Than A Year

phoenix021 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 21-year-old girl has been casually seeing a 28-year-old guy for longer than one year, and they’re in what she calls a Friends With Benefits situation.

Everything is really not serious between them, but aside from hooking up, they do cuddle one another and participate in other kinds of relationship-type things like cooking together and watching movies together too.

So, their situation isn’t exactly your cut-and-dry typical Friends With Benefits arrangement, and she is aware of that.

“…But it wasn’t going anywhere romantic, and I was happy about that,” she explained. “Or so I thought.”

Everything changed earlier today when her 28-year-old best friend sent her a pretty shocking text message.

Her best friend told her that last night, she got wasted and wound up sleeping with this guy that she had been hooking up with.

“She texted me about it because she feels really guilty because she knew about my FWB situation,” she said.

“Now I know I’m not supposed to get upset about my FWB sleeping with other people since it’s not anything exclusive, and I was sleeping with others, and he’s sleeping with others. But I feel pretty hurt about the fact my friend slept with him.”

In light of this new information, and considering the fact that she’s hurt, she knows that she probably needs to stop hooking up with this guy.

phoenix021 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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