Looking For A Christmas-Themed Dinner Idea Tonight? Try Making These Gingerbread Man Shaped Pizzas

TikTok - @honeybearbites

The month of December is filled with fun times: decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping presents, and many other joyous traditions.

And in between all these festive activities, you’ll want to squeeze in a snack or two somewhere. For instance, pizza is a food that is fitting no matter what the occasion is.

Everyone enjoys having a slice, and it can be customized according to each person’s tastes. For the spirit of the holidays, try turning your pizza into a holiday-themed shape, such as a gingerbread man.

TikTok user @honeybearbites has a great recipe for a gingerbread man shaped pizza. She can even instruct you on how to make your own dough from scratch!

So get ready to have loads of fun decorating pizzas with your family. It might even turn into your newest Christmas tradition!

Here is how to make the homemade crust:

-1 1/3 cups of warm water

-1 package of instant dry yeast

-2 teaspoons of brown sugar or honey

-1 egg

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