On Christmas Day In 2008, Her Dad Came Home And Found Her Fatally Shot Outside, And Her Killer Has Never Been Arrested - pictured above is Margaret

This past Christmas Eve marks fourteen years since Margaret “Mae” Sweet of Colorado Springs was brutally murdered outside of her father’s home.

The thirty-eight-year-old was known to be a thoughtful and reliable person who was full of life. Back in 1988, Margaret graduated from Mitchell High School. She had a brother named Paul and absolutely loved live music– especially attending live shows.

Margaret was also passionate about the outdoors. According to her family, she felt most at peace while white water rafting through the mountains or lounging on the beach in Destin, Florida.

In the months leading up to Margaret’s murder, she had been living in Nashville, Tennessee, and even met her boyfriend there.

Unfortunately, though, their relationship was far from smooth sailing and had its fair share of ups and downs.

Then, by May 13, 2008, Margaret was actually pushed to file for an order of protection against her boyfriend after he reportedly followed her all the way back to Colorado Springs.

There was one incident where he left a dozen roses, a teddy bear, and an engagement ring on top of her car.

Margaret’s boyfriend also claimed to have never physically harmed her, even though Margaret’s family revealed that she had been receiving counseling from a domestic abuse organization known as TESSA.

However, once December of that year rolled around, Margaret returned home to be with and help out her family for the holidays. – pictured above is Margaret

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