One Of Her Bridesmaids Has Psoriasis On Her Scalp, So She’s Concerned Her Hair Will Look Bad At Her Wedding

She decided to ask her hair stylist if something could be done for Aubrey’s scalp, and someone at that salon does specialize in treating it.

So, she figured she could pay to have Aubrey’s scalp treated a day before her wedding to make her hair not look bad.

She then brought it up to Audrey that she wanted to pay for her to get the treatment, but Aubrey felt humiliated and mentioned it hurts a lot.

“I said I understand, but that was her doing it,” she continued. “The stylist says she can do it in a way that may hurt a little, as it’s removing a decent amount of plaque, but she’ll be gentle. Aubrey told me no, even when I gave her the stylist’s number to talk about it in detail.”

“I tried to be reasonable and said the options were the stylist doing it or Aubrey herself would have to do it. She got really upset and said I’m not a true friend if I can’t accept her as is. She’s now not returning my calls or texts. I feel bad that I hurt her, and I’m wondering if this was an unreasonable request?”

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