She And Her Boyfriend Planned A Chill Day At Home Over Christmas, So She Decided To Wear Her Robe, But A Few Hours Later, He Asked Her To Take It Off, Claimed The Robe Made Her Look Lazy, And Said That He Hated It

Afterward, he finally opened up about what was bothering him. More specifically, he asked if she would take off the robe and put on some “normal clothes.”

Now, she was honestly pretty confused by that because, at the time, they were both practically matching.

Her boyfriend was wearing sweatpants and a sweater, and she was wearing the same thing– only she had her robe on over the get-up.

So, she asked him what he meant, and it ultimately came out that her boyfriend believed the robe made her look lazy. Moreover, he admitted to “kind of hating it.”

And as you can imagine, she was kind of offended. After all, she was wearing a brand-new robe. It wasn’t like she was wearing some shaggy old one.

So, she just told her boyfriend no.

“We were at home, alone, not expecting guests, and literally doing nothing except eating snacks and watching TV. I wanted to be comfortable,” she reasoned. Totally understandable, right?

Well, her boyfriend thought otherwise. They even ended up getting into a big argument about her robe, and it basically ruined the entire day for her.

Plus, later on, even after talking out the situation, she still got blamed for the whole fight. In fact, her boyfriend accused her of being a jerk for not being willing to compromise.

She pointed out, though, how her boyfriend’s reasoning simply made no sense. Moreover, it was unfair of him to ask her to change when she was just trying to be comfortable in her own home!

So, even though she believes this whole argument is ridiculous, she and her boyfriend are still stuck in a stalemate over her robe.

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