She And Her Husband Flew First Class With Their Toddler Over Thanksgiving, And A Man Accused Her Of Being In The Wrong Seats And Even Called Her Names

Irina Schmidt - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For this past Thanksgiving, this woman, her husband, and their nearly three-year-old toddler had to travel across the country.

And because they were going on such a long trip, she and her husband decided to splurge on three first-class tickets.

After all, they could afford the extra upgrade since her husband recently received a nice pay raise. On top of that, she was not worried about her toddler’s on-flight behavior since her daughter has always been a good flyer. In fact, her daughter has flown numerous times throughout her short life so far.

“We follow our pediatrician’s recommendation to give her a dose of baby Tylenol and gripe water thirty minutes before travel, and she has never been disruptive or cried on an airplane,” she explained.

And that included this most recent flight, too. Rather than having outbursts, her daughter simply communicated whenever something was needed.

“My daughter’s good at staying in her seat and tells us when she needs to go potty, food, a toy, etc. She stayed seated and quietly played throughout the flight, only getting up when she had to go potty,” she recalled.

The real issue, though, had to do with another passenger who was apparently really pissed off that a toddler was sitting in first class.

It all began after she and her husband boarded early since her husband is disabled. Then, once another first-class passenger got on the plane, she noticed the man glaring at them.

Still, she wrote it off and watched as the man sat down in his seat. Just shortly afterward, though, a flight attendant went up to her and asked to see her boarding passes to make sure her family was seated in the correct area.

Irina Schmidt – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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