She And Her Husband Flew First Class With Their Toddler Over Thanksgiving, And A Man Accused Her Of Being In The Wrong Seats And Even Called Her Names

She and her husband handed over their passes without issue, and the flight attendant confirmed that they were all good. And at that point, she thought that would be the end of it.

Well, that was until another flight attendant approached her family just a few minutes later and asked to see their boarding passes for a second time.

She and her husband did not get frustrated, though, and simply handed over their passes to be checked. And yet again, they were told they were all good to go.

So, after that, the plane finally took off, and everything was going well. Her daughter had fallen asleep while in the middle of coloring, and her husband had passed out, too.

At the same time, she was just listening to music through her headphones when she received a random tap on the shoulder.

“It was the guy who glared at us as he boarded, and before I could even get a word out, he told me that children were not allowed in first class,” she revealed.

On top of that, the guy tried to tell her that her family needed to move to their “real” seats. So, at that moment, she realized that this man was likely the same person who had their tickets re-checked following boarding, and she did not want to get upset by trying to deal with him all by herself.

In turn, she told the man that she did not feel comfortable discussing the issue with him and said she would be calling over a flight attendant to handle it.

It appears that the man was not expecting her to respond like that because, according to her, he became all flustered. Still, he awkwardly stood next to her until the flight attendant could arrive and clear everything up.

In the end, the flight attendant ultimately went over to the man, explained how she and her family were in the correct seats that they paid for and asked that he sit back down and refrain from bothering her again.

So, the man was forced to listen and went back to his seat at the time. Apparently, though, he was still really angry at her and made sure he let her know at the end of the flight.

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