She And Her Partner Sat Down To Watch The New Casey Anthony Documentary Together, But Then They Got Into A Huge Disagreement, And She’s Wondering If This Is A Red Flag In Their Relationship

Maridav - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

I’m sure you’ve heard the news that Casey Anthony, who was once described by the media as the “most hated mom in America,” has a new 3-part docuseries that was just released on Peacock.

The docuseries is called Where the Truth Lies, and it features Casey telling her side of what happened to her daughter Caylee.

A young woman and her partner sat down to watch this together one night recently, and things turned so heated between them as they sat there viewing the docuseries that this woman is now questioning her entire relationship.

So, as she and her partner were sitting there, her partner announced that she doesn’t think that Casey had anything to do with what happened to Caylee.

Her partner then stated that she figured Casey’s dad was the one who was involved, and she really did not agree with her partner’s thoughts at all.

“I voiced my opinion that I think she is a sociopath and a liar, and my partner started raising their voice at me, telling me that I just believe everything that the media puts out and started saying things like “get it through your head,” she explained.

Her partner also said to her that she obviously couldn’t listen and that if she could not comprehend her viewpoints, she couldn’t help her.

Her partner kept going, saying she was surprised she doesn’t agree with her and that they were just on very different pages.

As her partner was saying all of these things to her, she was snapping at her and also clapping her hands in her face.

Maridav – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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