She Bought Her Sister’s Children Nearly $2,000 Worth Of Christmas Gifts, But After She Caught Her Sister Labeling The Presents With Her Baby Daddy’s Name, She Called Her Sister Out

In fact, he actually does not contribute financially very often, so she always helps her sister out with everything the children need.

“I don’t mind because I love them more than anything,” she said.

But, after she watched her sister label her Christmas gifts to include the kids’ father, she thought that totally crossed the line. So, she became visibly upset, and her sister noticed something was wrong.

Then, she ended up just being honest and telling her sister that she did not want the gifts labeled with the children’s father’s name since he had not bought the kids anything for Christmas. Moreover, she claimed that her sister’s baby daddy should not get to take credit for her gifts purchased using her money.

It appears that her sister was not expecting that, though, because afterward, her sister apparently became all quiet. Then, her sister just stopped talking to her altogether and started labeling the gifts with just the children’s names instead of who the presents were actually from.

So now, she feels pretty terrible because she never meant to upset her sister. At the same time, though, she refuses to let the father of her sister’s children be included in something that he contributed absolutely nothing.

In turn, she has been left wondering if asking her sister to stop labeling the Christmas gifts with her baby daddy’s name was justified or actually just a jerky thing to do.

Do you think it’s understandable why her sister wanted the children to feel like their father was involved in the gifts? Even so, do you believe it’s wrong to use the presents that she purchased rather than her sister buying separate gifts to add his name to? If you had been in her shoes, would you have said something to your sister, also?

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