She Brought Cupcakes To The Dog Park But She Refused To Share Them With One Guy And His Children

After asking the young girl to stop and telling her that she should not start feeding strangers’ dogs, she called her dogs over to sit beside her.

Even though the dogs were seated next to their owner, the young girl and her sibling started feeding them once again.

“I approached the guy and told him to control his kids,” writes the woman.

His response was harsh, calling her a ‘Karen’ and accusing her of not allowing others in the park to have any fun.

When she asked him if he would like to pay for the vet bills that the unwanted feedings may lead to, he responded by telling her to “go get a social life.”

To teach him a lesson, the next time this woman arrived at the dog park, she brought a big box of cupcakes for other dog owners and their kids.

This wasn’t uncommon, as her dog park is very communal and celebrates many birthdays and special occasions together. Either way, human food is only consumed by humans.

The man and his kids walked up to the woman, asking if they could have some cupcakes.

The woman refused to give them any, telling him, “Teach your kids to only feed your dog, and then I will be more than happy to share my food with you.”

Their behavior never got much better, so whenever the woman brought any sweet treats for other dog owners, she still refused to give the man and his kids any.

She was eventually met with some backlash, with a couple of park members calling her vindictive and saying that she was “punishing” the kids for no reason.

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