She Did Not Congratulate Her Sister-In-Law On Her Pregnancy And Actually Said It Was A Big Mistake, So Now Her Family Is Furious With Her

pridannikov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s brother and sister-in-law currently have one child together. But, according to her, even having just one extra mouth to feed has put their small family in a really tough financial spot.

Her brother works as a car rental agent and reportedly does not make a livable salary. Additionally, her sister-in-law is a stay-at-home mom to their child– who is four– and has not been working.

So, her brother is the sole provider despite barely making a decent wage. In turn, her mother and other sister have been giving her brother and sister-in-law a fixed sum to help them pay the bills. She has even contributed to their expenses a few times, too.

Despite that, her sister-in-law decided to confront her a while ago and share how they wanted another kid– because, apparently, her sister-in-law did not want their son to be an only child. Afterward, her sister-in-law also asked for her opinion on the topic, and she honestly did not hold back.

“I advised my sister-in-law against it and told her to either wait until my brother gets promoted or until she gets a job,” she recalled.

“I also told her it would be realistically impossible to provide for another child when they were barely coasting by and that she was still young– twenty-seven years old.”

Then, she went on to tell her brother the exact same thing. Unfortunately, though, it appears that neither of them took her advice– because about three weeks ago, she received a call from her excited brother informing her that her sister-in-law was pregnant again.

While on the phone, though, she did not think it was really her place to share her two cents. So, she just told her brother that was great, wished him good luck, and ended the call.

However, she never called her sister-in-law to congratulate her on the pregnancy, and she also never went to the baby shower. Instead, she told her brother she was busy.

pridannikov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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