She Didn’t Tell Her Parents That She Wasn’t Showing Up For Christmas This Year, And She Honestly Skipped Out Because Her Mom Refuses To Let Her Share A Room With Her Boyfriend When She Comes Home

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A 27-year-old girl has dated her 33-year-old boyfriend for close to 2 years at this rate, and they agree that they definitely would like to get married to one another, but it’s not on the top of their list right now.

So, although her relationship is definitely serious, when she comes home to visit her parents, her mom absolutely refuses to let her boyfriend share a room with her.

The last time she went home was over the summer, and her boyfriend threw it out there that they probably should just get a hotel room so that they could share a room together.

That’s exactly what they did the last time she visited her family, and it made her mom crazy that they found a way to get around her one rule.

“She wouldn’t drop it the entire time we were there,” she explained. “She made me promise not to do that again.”

In contrast, her boyfriend’s parents are super easygoing and don’t have a problem with them sharing a room.

Her boyfriend’s parents also recently retired and moved to Mexico, so she and her boyfriend decided they should spend Christmas there.

Around Thanksgiving, her mom wanted to know if she would come home for Christmas and book a hotel room again, and she let her mom know that she wasn’t going to be staying in a hotel.

She just left the part out where she had no intention of coming home for Christmas at all.

2mmedia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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