She Didn’t Tell Her Parents That She Wasn’t Showing Up For Christmas This Year, And She Honestly Skipped Out Because Her Mom Refuses To Let Her Share A Room With Her Boyfriend When She Comes Home

“I am sitting here on the balcony of my future in-laws’ condo looking at the Caribbean, waiting for sunrise, and enjoying the peace and quiet,” she said.

“I made the mistake of going online yesterday, and I saw a bunch of posts from my mom and my sisters about how I was a jerk for lying to them about my plans.”

“I may have been a little tipsy last night because I decided to respond. I said that it was ridiculous of them to try and tell me I couldn’t share a room with my boyfriend, that I was keeping my promise by not staying at a hotel when we were there, and that if they planned on putting everything on Facebook, I would be avoiding all visits for the foreseeable future.”

She then noticed that some people online chimed in on the posts saying that it wasn’t ok for her parents to try to control her by not letting her share a room with her boyfriend.

Although some people were in her corner, she did notice some comments siding with her family before her family took the posts down.

Since then, her family has been calling her and texting her to call her a jerk for making them all look terrible online.

She just replied by asking her family if they had been trying to paint her in a good light with how they worded their own posts.

The texts and calls for them died down for a bit, but then they were back to leaving her some not-so-nice voicemails and messages.

“I’m kind of liking the idea of skipping out on the drama from now on,” she concluded.

“But I miss my dad, and he is blameless in this.”

She’s left wondering if it was mean of her to skip out on Christmas with her family all because they’re not supportive of her sharing a room with her boyfriend.

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