She Ditched Her Friend At The Airport After Promising To Give Her A Ride, And She Can’t Understand Why Her Friend Is Now Ghosting Her

Iuliia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 20-year-old girl has a 22-year-old friend named Emma, and they just took a trip out to California.

Emma was the one who originally planned to go, and Emma asked if she wanted to come too. Emma said they could stay with her friend Lena, so she said yes, as she was interested in getting to sight-see.

The day of their trip arrived, and Emma took a train to the city where she lives, as that’s where the airport they were flying out of is located. They then hopped on a plane and arrived in California, where they had a great time.

Emma’s friend Lena let them stay at her mom and dad’s house so they could be comfortable, and she was wonderful to them.

Lena picked them up from the airport, got them little gifts, and was super welcoming. She got to see all of the things in California that she wanted to see, including the Japanese Tea Garden and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Then, their trip was done, they flew home, and when they got back to the airport, someone had snatched Emma’s carry-on bag, which had everything she needed inside of it.

When she picked up her carry-on bag, Emma let her know that hers was missing, but she didn’t pay attention to Emma.

“It was a long flight, I was tired, and it was super early in the morning,” she explained. “She said that she wanted to try and find it before the person who took it left with it, and she hurried off.”

“I didn’t see her past customs, so I left to meet my boyfriend, who was picking us up, and left without her.”

Iuliia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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