She Found Out Her Stepson Didn’t Want Her At His Wedding, So She Decided To Skip It, And Now Her Husband’s Family Is Furious

pha88 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman has been married to her husband for twenty-five years now. But, before they tied the knot, her husband had two kids during a previous marriage who are now her stepchildren– Kai, who is twenty-eight, and Mia, who is twenty-seven.

And honestly, the story behind her husband’s failing first marriage is pretty upsetting. Apparently, her husband’s marriage fell apart after his ex-wife moved another man into their home while already pregnant with Mia.

“She [her husband’s ex] told my husband to leave and that she was planning to marry the other guy,” she recalled. Yikes.

So, a DNA test was conducted on Mia after she was born, as well as Kai. Both children were confirmed to be her husband’s, though, and custody agreements, as well as the divorce, was then finalized.

She ended up meeting her husband just six months after all of that chaos. However, they really hit it off and actually got married after being together for only one year.

Their love story was not one without its challenges, though, because her husband’s ex-wife still made their lives a living hell. According to her, the ex alienated her stepchildren from her, which resulted in a lot of turmoil.

“We were in and out of court; they [her husband and his ex] were always placed in mediation and co-parenting classes to try and get them to a better place. But nothing helped,” she recalled.

In fact, her husband’s ex’s second husband actually just ended up leaving– which only made matters worse. Plus, her husband’s ex ended up getting married a third time, another relationship that ended up crashing and burning.

So now, her resulting relationship with her stepchildren honestly just breaks her heart. She claims that she truly loves Kai and Mia and has always tried to be respectful of their boundaries.

pha88 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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