She Gave Her Son His Own Hotel Room But Is Making Her Daughter Share Her Hotel Room With A Cousin Who She’s Never Met, So Her Daughter Is Furious

But, if you could not have guessed, Emily did not want that. So, she claims that she was left with only one other option– putting her son in a room with one of his other male cousins.

“But Rory warned me that if it turns out that they also smell bad, he will refuse to stay in the room once we were there and would go sleep in the rainforest,” she explained.

So finally, she ended up turning to her husband and just begging him to pay for another room. That way, Rory could sleep alone, and she would not “have to suffer through any more of this” drama.

Now, though, Emily is apparently really upset and believes it is unfair that Rory will get his own room; meanwhile, Emily has to share a room with a cousin she has never even met before.

To be honest, though, she believes that her daughter should be more understanding of Rory’s special treatment since he “has a harder time in these kinds of situations.” Moreover, she admitted to wishing that her daughter didn’t try to make everything even more difficult for her.

Apparently, Emily is normally a very social and extroverted girl. Plus, she claims that her daughter never had an issue with sharing a room until her son brought it up.

“So I feel like Emily is just being petty,” she said.

Regardless, though, her daughter is now really angry with her, and she has been left wondering if giving Rory his own hotel room while making Emily sleep with a cousin she doesn’t know makes her a jerk or not.

Do you think Rory’s past struggles with sleeping alone warranted him getting special treatment in this situation? Does Emily have a right to be upset that she is sleeping with a cousin she has never met? Do you believe giving Rory his own room was the wrong thing to do? How would you have handled this situation? 

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