She Gifted Her Husband Boudoir Photos Of Her For Christmas, But She’s Pretty Sure He Absolutely Hated It As A Present

Dash - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Boudoir photos can be a popular pre-wedding tradition, and one woman who recently got married chose to have a boudoir photoshoot so she could give the photos to her groom as a gift on their wedding day.

She met with a professional photographer to have her photos done, and she was pleased with the end result.

She did spend a couple of thousand dollars on the boudoir shoot, and she was able to get the first set of photos for her wedding, and the second set got made into an album so she could give them to her husband for Christmas.

She presented her husband with the first set on the day of their wedding, and he really did not seem to be excited by the photos. She chalked his response up to him just having too much going on.

Fast forward to Christmas, and a little after the clock struck midnight, she and her husband gave one another their Christmas presents.

The second set of her boudoir photos was made into that album, which she gifted to her husband today.

There were 16 photos of her in different lingerie inside of the little album, and her husband hated the gift.

“When he opened his gift, he didn’t seem into it,” she explained. “He says the gift feels like it’s about me, and he doesn’t like that the photographer (who I explained was a woman) got to see me in those poses.”

“He would prefer something on his list (of course, I got him other practical gifts from his list too). We got into a heated debate about how the gift is really “for me,” and he doesn’t like the gift.”

Dash – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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