She Got Custody Of Her Brother’s Kids After They Were Being Bullied At Home, So Now That Her Parents Invited Her Brother And His Stepchildren To Christmas, She Is Refusing To Go

After no resolution came, though, she felt forced to turn to her last resort. She called Child Protective Services (CPS).

And at first, nothing happened. But, once her niece and nephew were in school, that changed. Apparently, her nephew started begging to stay at school and claimed he did not want to go home.

So, that rang alarm bells among staff at her nephew’s school, and the situation was ultimately reported to CPS again.

Then, the agency finally intervened.

The children ended up going to therapy afterward. But again, the bullying at home still had not ceased.

In turn, her brother’s case worker ultimately requested that her niece and nephew be separated from their stepsiblings for a period of time until the older children learned how to treat them better.

However, her brother actually refused to move out of the house with her niece and nephew and did not want his wife to leave, either.

Instead, he claimed that saving his marriage was equally as important and opted to find another family member who the kids could stay with.

That was essentially when she and her husband stepped in and took custody of her niece and nephew.

She does want to make it clear, though, that “kids simply being kids” and not getting along at home is not what led to this drastic action being taken by CPS.

“But the level of this paired with the negative impact on my niece and nephew is why this came to be,” she noted.

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