She Got Her 16-Year-Old Daughter A Dog For Her Birthday, But Then She Got Rid Of The Dog After Her Daughter Stopped Taking Care Of Him

She picked up dog poop for a total of 4 times, making sure to remind her daughter along the way that it was her responsibility to take care of her dog.

“There were also quite a few times where my daughter texted me from school saying she forgot to feed the dog and asking me to,” she said.

“On Friday, she went to school as usual. I walked past her room at some point, and the door was closed, I heard the dog barking from inside the room. I let him out and texted her what happened.”

“She said he must have been in there, and she closed the door without realizing it. The dog was fine, he was only in there for about 3 hours, but I asked her what would have happened if I didn’t hear the dog. He would have been in there all day without water or food.”

Now, she had never, ever wanted to have a pet, and here she was, having to take care of her daughter’s dog.

She was finally done and decided she would be getting rid of the dog. She phoned up her sister, who only lives 10 minutes away and adores dogs, and asked if she could take her daughter’s dog.

She mentioned to her sister that it might just be a temporary solution so long as her daughter could step up to the plate and prove she was responsible.

Her sister was thrilled to take the dog, and she picked him up and took him back home.

“Of course, I intend to take my kids to visit the dog, but I am done taking care of him when it’s supposed to be my daughter,” she continued.

“I also feel the dog will be better cared for at my sister’s house.

I explained this to the kids, who were extremely upset with me. Both of my kids started crying, and my daughter stormed off to her room. All weekend she has been extra mouthy to me, and my son has been moping around.”

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