She Got Sick Of Her Wealthier Best Friend Whining About Money, So She Told Her Friend To Stop Complaining About Things Like Not Being Able To Vacation Abroad Or Afford A Larger Home

Apparently, Haley brought up how she and her husband have no clue how they would be able to afford a baby in this economy, and she just could not take it anymore. So, she actually went off on her best friend.

She ended up telling Haley that she was so over having to hear the constant whining and complaints about things like “not being even richer” or not having another extra room in her apartment.

“And only going to Barcelona for four days next year. Meanwhile, my boyfriend and I will not even have a Christmas tree this year and will probably just skip Christmas altogether,” she explained.

After finally coming clean about her perspective of Haley’s complaints, though, her best friend was honestly shocked. In fact, Haley claimed to have no idea that she viewed her that way.

Then, Haley even offered to lend her some money before “proceeding to play the victim,” according to her.

More specifically, she claims that Haley tried to say she was not rich at all. Instead, Haley said they live in the same world, and inflation is affecting everybody. To be frank, though, she just does not understand Haley’s reasoning whatsoever.

“How is she not rich at all but has no problem lending me money?” she asked.

So, she ultimately just told Haley that their struggles were nowhere near the same. Plus, she informed her best friend that by trying to compare them, it felt like Haley was just slapping her in the face.

Now, that whole argument took place a few days ago. And since then, she has had some time to cool off and calm down.

Don’t get me wrong, though: she still feels like everything she told Haley was true.

However, at the same time, she cannot help but think that maybe she was a bit too harsh on her friend and believes that perhaps Haley is just “too privileged” to understand her point.

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