She Had An Enormous Crush On A Football Player In High School, But She Was Too Shy So He Went For Another Girl That He’s Still With To This Day And Every Time She Sees Pictures Of Them She Wonders If That Could Have Been Her Perfect Life

In comparison to this girl, she feels that she has wrinkles, has put on weight, and is losing her attractiveness.

She can’t help but wonder what her life could have been like should she have let this football player know that she was into him way back when.

It could have been her with the picture-perfect life if she had made a move or been more outgoing and social.

“I work online all day and have no friends and am starting to get desperate,” she said. “For example, I’m trying dating apps but am not getting any decent-looking or interesting matches, but this really short bald guy asked me out, and I’m so desperate I’m considering it…what can I do? I’m so lonely being single.”

“Also, the guy hasn’t married her; IDK if that makes their relationship less special, but still, he’s wished her happy birthday EVERY year on Facebook for the past 10 years, and it hurts my soul.”

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