She Just Found Out That Her Boyfriend Secretly Stopped Paying Their Rent This Summer, And The Money She’s Been Giving Him For Rent He’s Been Blowing On Takeout, So They’re About To Get Evicted

NinaMalyna - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A woman has been dating her boyfriend for the last 2 years, but prior to that, they were good friends for a decade.

Her boyfriend is kind, considerate, smart, and incredibly good-looking. He’s the kind of guy she can be herself around, and she’s been living with him for just close to 2 years.

Although it may seem fast to move in with someone not long into dating him, everything has been going great for them. They never disagree or have any issues.

“When we’d first moved into the apartment, I was in a terrible retail job, and we were afraid the landlord wouldn’t let us move in if I was making such little money, so he volunteered to be the sole person on the lease,” she explained.

“Every month, I sent him my half of the rent money, and he paid the landlord. In June, my BF quit his job. This was a long time coming, and it wasn’t long until he found another job.”

“The new job paid less and was more unpredictable, but he was getting by. Though he was making less, it seemed to me he was living the same lifestyle, ordering takeout constantly…”

Then, her boyfriend wanted to know if she would be able to let him borrow some money, and all in, she loaned him $500 this summer on top of making sure to give him her portion of the rent.

She said to her boyfriend several times that she was happy to give him more money for rent if need be, but he insisted there wasn’t a problem.

A couple of days ago, she was home alone, and her boyfriend was at work when she heard a knock at their door.

NinaMalyna – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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