She Just Got Married A Month Ago, But Her Sister-In-Law Still Lives With Her, And Her Husband Refuses To Make Any Progress Toward Moving His Sister Out, So She Gave Him An Ultimatum That If His Sister Doesn’t Move Out, She Will

Petro - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This thirty-four-year-old woman and her husband, Harry, just got married last month. But, since early this year, they have been dealing with a stalemate in their relationship that is now starting to impact their new marriage.

Apparently, back in February, Harry’s younger sister Sally, who is twenty-five, moved in with them. And from the start, she was not comfortable with the new living arrangement.

“I am someone who really needs personal space. I had been living alone for a long time before I moved in with Harry in January of 2022,” she explained.

Nonetheless, Harry claimed that he just could not ask Sally to move into a different place since his sister was young, finding her footing in a new job, and had issues living with roommates in the past.

Her husband also felt “responsible” for his sister since his parents lived in a different city and believed Sally was too young to live alone in a big city anyway– despite earning a stable income.

So, she ended up caving and told her husband– who was still her boyfriend at the time– that they could give Sally six months.

By August of 2022, though, once Sally’s six months of living at her place were up, Harry had a different plan. Apparently, he claimed they should just get married first before telling his sister she had to move out.

“Otherwise, there would be a lot of family drama, and I would be seen in a bad light,” she recalled Harry telling her.

In turn, she ultimately agreed, and they have since gone through with tying the knot. Despite being married for a month now, though, Harry still has not spoken to his sister or the rest of his family about Sally moving out.

Petro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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