She Kicked Her Phone Off A Cliff On A First Date And The Story Of How She Got It Back Is Pretty Funny

TikTok - @ri.conrad

Nobody wants that awkward first-date moment when you have nothing to say. That’s why outdoor activities are a good choice for a first date–there’s always something to talk about.

Most would consider hiking a fun first date. But not TikTok creator @ri.conrad, whose first hiking date was a disaster.

In a story-time style video, Riley Conrad explains how her first date in high school–not to mention her first date ever–was a hiking trip with a boy that she was really longing for.

“I was super excited,” she said. “Older boy goes to my high school, super cute, I was like over the moon excited for this date.”

The date was a normal one at first. It started out well for them and seemed to have some potential for more.

“We hike all the way up, and it’s all going great so far,” she said. “We’re having great conversation, it’s a good time.”

But it all quickly came to an abrupt halt when she accidentally kicked her phone off of the cliff.

“I was like, I’m going to crawl out to the edge and swing my legs over, and I’m just going to sit there,” she said. “So my phone was in my hand as I’m swinging my feet over, and what do I do? I kicked my phone out of my hand off the cliff.”

While Riley said that she has “always been a klutz,” this incident reached a whole new level of clumsiness and terror.

TikTok – @ri.conrad

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