She Needed Her Sister To Pay Her Back Money In Order To Afford Baby Food, But Her Sister Refused And Claimed They Needed The Funds To Buy A New Vape

Nattakorn - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This twenty-year-old woman has been through a lot of turmoil over the past month. She recently gave birth to her now three-month-old daughter and had been raising her infant with her boyfriend of eight years.

But, just last month, she lost her boyfriend due to a car accident. So, ever since then, she has been dealing with the grief while also trying to manage and make ends meet as a single parent.

And being that her baby was born so recently, she is currently still on maternity leave. Thankfully, she does live in a country where maternity leave is paid for by the government. At the same time, though, it only amounts to about half of her typical income.

In turn, she has been forced to lean on her friend, Kathryn– who was generous enough to let her move in rent-free.

“Regardless of that, it’s still been a major struggle, and things are really piling on top of me,” she revealed.

Although, one of the completely unnecessary stressors in her life has actually been her younger sister, Leah. Leah is sixteen years old and has her own small business, doing people’s nails from home. According to her, though, her sister is still pretty immature with managing finances.

“Leah is really cheap and spends almost all of her profit on disposable vapes and Lucozade [a soft drink],” she said.

So, whenever Leah would run out of money, she would “lend” her sister some funds. And the word “lend” is in quotation marks because, to be honest, she actually cannot remember the last time her sister ever paid her back.

Most recently, though, she lent Leah twenty pounds about a week and a half before her boyfriend passed away.

Nattakorn – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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