She Realized Her Nephew Had Stolen Her Son’s Brand-New Nintendo Switch That He Got For Christmas, So She Snatched It Out of Her Nephew’s Hands, And Now Her Sister Is Furious At Her

Oleksandr - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This twenty-six-year-old woman has a son, who is five years old. And for this past Christmas, she and her girlfriend, who is twenty-five, decided to split an awesome gift for her son– a Nintendo Switch.

The present came out to just over four hundred dollars, but she was ecstatic to purchase this with her girlfriend. After all, her son had wanted the Switch since back in September when it was his birthday.

However, she just could not afford it at the time, and her son was over the moon to receive it on Christmas morning.

The day after Christmas, though, her sister and eight-year-old nephew decided to go over to her house on Monday. The plan was for them to spend some time with her and her kids– she also has a daughter.

Anyway, the get-together was off to a good start at first. Well, that was until her sister and nephew left, and her son could not find his Nintendo Switch.

That realization set off a massive search, and they looked practically everywhere– under the couches, behind every television, and in every single cabinet and drawer in her home. They even peeked under the fridge, just in case.

And honestly, the thought that her sister and nephew might have taken the new video game console just never crossed her mind. Instead, she just figured that the Switch would pop up in the house eventually.

“And I didn’t try to get a new one with the warranty because the warranty does not cover loss or theft,” she explained.

Anyway, just yesterday, she decided to go over to her sister’s house to drop off some leftovers. And as soon as she walked through the door, she noticed that her nephew jumped up from his seat on the couch, darted into his bedroom, and slammed the door.

Oleksandr – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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