She Realized Her Nephew Had Stolen Her Son’s Brand-New Nintendo Switch That He Got For Christmas, So She Snatched It Out of Her Nephew’s Hands, And Now Her Sister Is Furious At Her

Yet again, though, she did not think anything of her nephew’s behavior. Still, she did want to talk to her sister for a little bit, so she decided to stay and chat.

A short while later, her nephew then came out of his room to use the bathroom. And that time, he left his bedroom door open.

Now, according to her, her sister lives in a pretty small apartment– which means that her nephew’s bed is visible from where she had been sitting on the couch.

So, if you could not have guessed it, she was able to see that the Nintendo Switch was sitting right in front of her nephew’s bed on the floor.

So, she immediately hopped off of the couch and went over to pick it up. Then, once she switched on the device, she saw that her log-in account was on it– which just confirmed that it was the same Switch she had given her son.

And at that moment, she decided to confront her sister. First, she asked why the heck her son’s new Nintendo was there, but her sister reportedly looked just as confused as she was.

So, she waited until her nephew got out of the bathroom. But right after he did, it became clear what had happened.

Apparently, her nephew saw the Nintendo in her hand and started screaming, “No! Give it back!” Then, he even snatched it out of her hands!

Now, that honestly really pissed her off. So, she decided to snatch it back from her nephew and tell him that the video game console was not his. Moreover, she told him that he was never allowed to steal from other people.

That caused her nephew to break out into a full-on tantrum, and he started screaming, flailing, and kicking. Shockingly, though, rather than reprimanding her nephew for stealing, her sister actually got mad at her! 

In fact, her sister started cursing her out and telling her not to snatch anything out of her nephew’s hands.

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