She Saw One Of Her Venmo Contacts Repaying Her Boyfriend For Food He Bought Her, And She’s Talking About How Ridiculous She Thinks This Is

With all the new ways out there to pay for things, privacy on some of those apps is relative. Venmo has a function where you can see who your friends are paying for rent, meals, bills, and whatever else that you need to pay for.

I personally use it to get payment from my older brother for the use of some of my streaming services.

One TikToker named shared that they randomly scroll through Venmo, and one of her friend’s payments upset her for some reason.

“You know what really cracks me up? Just occasionally go on Venmo, and just like seeing a girl Venmo her boyfriend, and the guy was like ‘cheesesteak.’ Like your boyfriend really couldn’t pay for your f***** cheesesteak. I’m f***** embarrassed for you,” she said.

Now, I kind of understand why she would maybe think that way.

Our society teaches a lot of girls that the guy pays on the date, but in the modern world, a lot more women want to be financially independent and pay their way without having to rely on their partner.

I see nothing wrong with a girl paying her half of the meal or fare or whatever they did on the date. I also don’t see anything wrong with a couple alternating who pays when able to.

A lot of people commented on her video, some agreeing with what she said, others disagreeing, and it certainly made for an interesting debate on TikTok.

TikTok; pictured above is in her video

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