She Saw One Of Her Venmo Contacts Repaying Her Boyfriend For Food He Bought Her, And She’s Talking About How Ridiculous She Thinks This Is

“I could never stoop so low to care about other people’s relationships and how they pay for their things or if he does/doesn’t pay for her meals,” one commenter said.

Many people shared this sentiment, and many even shared personal experiences with venmoing a partner.

Another person shared what they thought about long-term relationships by saying, “being in an actual long-term relationship is knowing that you have your own money and it’s ok to pay your partner back.”

A third shared, “Things can be split between couples, crazy concept, I know, but not everything is one-sided financially.”

So many people commented on this post because they have either done this or experienced this. Many of the people commenting shared that they do it because they want to share the financial burden of their living with their partner.

What is your opinion on who should pay in a relationship?

You can see the original video here.

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